CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Test: What it is and how it works

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Both HIGH5 strengths test and CliftonStrengths are assessments that helped millions of people be at their best. So what sets them apart?


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Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life? Is there more to you than what you can currently access? Unlocking your potential can be an intimidating task. But don’t worry, as the CliftonStrengths Assessment can help.

This assessment provides action-oriented, strengths-focused insights about yourself or enterprise teams to help you reach your full potential. 

The CliftonStrengths Assessment was designed with intuitive navigation and research-backed foundations in mind. This assessment allows users to analyze team dynamics for growth tracking or 360 review capabilities at a cost that won’t break the bank–all from the comfort of home!

You can take the assessment anytime, anywhere, with just one click. CliftonStrengths also provides resources and tools to help you get the most out of your results. 

What is the CliftonStrengths Assessment (Formerly StrengthsFinder)?

The CliftonStrengths online talent assessment identifies your top five strengths or talent patterns. These patterns comprise 34 themes that help you better understand how people think and behave.

It’s important to note that while each person has unique strengths, they can also have common areas where they share characteristics with other people.

The CliftonStrengths Assessment helps users increase self-awareness, improve communication and collaboration, identify areas for personal growth, and develop strategies for success.

By learning more about their strengths and the forces of others people can make better decisions about how to use their talents for the most significant impact.

How Does Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Test Work?

During the evaluation, you will answer questions that measure your preferences in various areas. After completing the test, you will receive a detailed report breaking down your five main strengths and providing examples of how these strengths can be used in personal and professional settings.

The CliftonStrengths assessment provides actionable insights that individuals and teams can use to improve performance, build better relationships, and increase success.

No matter who you are or your career path, exploring your talents with Gallup’s Strengths Test can help you reach your full potential.

With an easy-to-use platform and actionable insights that can be applied to personal and professional settings, the CliftonStrengths assessment is a great way to identify and maximize your unique talents for success.

Who Should Take Gallup’s Strengths Test?

The CliftonStrengths Assessment is designed to help anyone who wants to understand themselves and others better. Whether you’re a student, manager, entrepreneur, professional athlete, or just looking for personal growth, the assessment provides insights that can be applied across all walks of life.

Importance and Benefits of Utilizing the CliftonStrengths Test?

The CliftonStrengths assessment provides a reliable, intuitive way to identify your natural talents. By learning more about yourself and the strengths of others, you can make decisions tailored to maximize performance.

It also provides strategies for developing relationships with team members and colleagues by better understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

In your personal life, the CliftonStrengths Test can help you improve problem-solving skills, self-awareness, and communication. You can also use the assessment to hone your talents and strategies for success in any area of life, whether it’s career planning, networking, goal setting, or personal growth.

Following are the 34 Clifton’s strengths:


  • Adaptability
  • Connectedness
  • Developer
  • Empathy
  • Harmony
  • Includer
  • Individualization
  • Positivity
  • Relator


  • Analytical
  • Context
  • Futuristic
  • Ideation
  • Input
  • Intellection
  • Learner
  • Strategic


  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Belief
  • Consistency
  • Deliberative
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Responsibility
  • Restorative



  • Activator
  • Command
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Maximizer
  • Self-Assurance
  • Significance
  • Woo

How Much Does the CliftonStrengths Report Cost?

For just $19.99, you will obtain your top five strengths in ranked order through our test. For just $39.99 more, you can unlock the door to your 34 most significant competencies and discover which reign supreme – ranked from most potent to least.

Therefore, the total price for a complete CliftonStrengths Assessment Report is $59.98.

How Long Does It Take To Finish CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessment?

The assessment generally takes 25-35 minutes, depending on how quickly you answer the questions. Some people have reported it took them an hour to complete the evaluation.

How Accurate is Gallup’s Strengths Test?

The CliftonStrengths assessment has been proven to be a reliable tool for measuring and understanding personal strengths. Research shows it has a high degree of accuracy in predicting performance in various domains.

The results from the test provide valuable insights, but it’s up to each individual to use this information to make positive changes and maximize success.

What is the Difference Between the CliftonStrengths Test and the StrengthsFinder Test?

The CliftonStrengths test is the updated version of the StrengthsFinder test, first released in 2001. The main difference between the two assessments is that the CliftonStrengths assessment includes more questions and offers a more comprehensive report with additional features.

The new version also focuses on developing strengths rather than just identifying them.

CliftonStrengths is also part of the new StrengthsFinder 2.0 book from Gallup, which offers a more in-depth guide to understanding and developing your unique strengths.

CliftonStrengths for Students

For students and recent graduates, the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment (formerly StrengthsQuest) can help you understand your unique talents and how to use them best to succeed. With actionable insights tailored to your strengths, you can gain clarity on what career path or field of study is right for you.

You’ll better understand yourself and have the confidence to make effective decisions about your future.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 – Book About Strengths

The StrengthsFinder 2.0 book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to better understand their unique talents and how these can be used to maximize success.

Written by renowned authors Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, this book was the foundation of the original StrengthsFinder assessment. It offers insightful advice and exercises to help readers uncover their strengths and use them to achieve personal and professional success.

Access Codes

If taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment, you must purchase an access code to receive your personalized strengths report.  Done online through the Gallup Store, these codes are redeemable on the Gallup website when taking the assessment.

Where To Buy and How Much Does It Cost the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Book?

The StrengthsFinder 2.0 book can be purchased online or at major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.

The book typically ranges from around $20 to $30.

What are the Rarest Clifton’s Strengths? 

CliftonStrengths revealed that the five least frequently possessed aptitudes are command, self-assurance, significance, discipline, and context. Developing these traits will enable you to stand out from the crowd and uniquely contribute to any team.

What are the Most Common Top 5 Clifton Strengths? 

The most common top five CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Responsibility, Relator, Learner, and Strategic. However, as each individual is unique, these results can vary from person to person depending on their strengths and experiences.


The CliftonStrengths assessment can provide valuable and meaningful insights into your strengths. By understanding what you naturally excel at, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions to help you reach your goals. The StrengthsFinder 2.0 book also offers a comprehensive guide to developing your talents.

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Download a team strengths activity (PDF)
Download a team strengths activity (PDF)