Review of the Insights Discovery Test: Everything You Need To Know

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Have you ever wondered what makes you tick and how you interact with others? The Insights Discovery test aims to reveal just that.

Review of Insights Discovery Test Everything You Need To Know

Thousands of people go to work every day and feel unfulfilled day in, and day out. This leads to numerous serious problems down the line, including a lack of passion and reduced productivity.

If you never commit to learning more about your personality and strengths, you could end up in the same unfulfilled position. Luckily, the Insight Discovery test can help you immensely!

In this Insight Discovery test review, we will cover why this assessment how they test works, why it is so beneficial, and how you can take it yourself.

What is the Insights Discovery Test?

With so many different personality tests out there, finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. The Insights Discovery test is unfortunately often overlooked by individuals seeking to start a self-growth journey.

Several key concepts and benefits differentiate this test from others. These topics are touched on below.

Brief History

The Insights Discovery test is primarily based on the research done by renowned psychologist Carl Jung. Jung believed that 3 main categories made up a person’s personality: extroversion vs. introversion, thinking vs. feeling, and sensing vs. intuition.

It is made up of a total of 8 personality combinations. You may have heard of some similar personality categories on the MBTI test, which Insights Discovery is somewhat related to.

Years later, Insights Discovery founder Andi Lothian examined Jung’s research and developed a modified test based on it. It focused on making results easy to understand and learn from.

Today, the test is available in over 30 languages and has been taken by millions of people.

Core Concepts

To those wondering ‘What is the Insights Discovery model of personality,’ the test has numerous personality types it categorizes. The Insights Discovery personality assessment categorizes test takers into several distinct groups, which they refer to as ‘energies.’

In general, each group has certain qualities that differentiate it from the others. The four personality profiles are cool blue, earth green, sunshine yellow, and fiery red. Each personal profile also has Jungian qualities assigned to it.

For instance, fiery red individuals are extrovert thinkers, yellows are extrovert feelers, greens are introvert feelers, and blues and introvert thinkers.

The red type often signifies assertiveness and efficiency, the green is considerate and supportive, the blues typically are factual and structured, and the yellows are friendly and optimistic.

Why Take an Insights Discovery Test?

There is a wide range of benefits that come along with taking a test such as the Insights Discovery assessment. Whether you take it for personal or career-related reasons, it can give you key insights into your personal development, strengths, and way of looking at life.

Below, the top benefits of the Insights Discovery test are listed.

Professional Development

If you want to optimize your work and become the best employee you can be, consider taking this assessment. You will learn more about how you interact with others, your communication style, and your teamwork skills.

This also allows you to benefit the entire team by boosting productivity, reducing conflict, and optimizing your work skills. You will find out what you do best and the environment you work best in, thus helping you make good decisions in the future.

Such insights are great for anyone in the workforce, whether they are an intern or a team leader. Knowing your key personality traits can help guide you to make rational leadership decisions and understand which tasks you should delegate to others.

Personal Insights

You can gain tremendous personal insights from the test, too. By learning about your strengths and weaknesses, you can find ways to optimize your friendships.

For instance, you may become more self-aware and careful if you are a fiery red, or you may want to listen to your friends’s emotions more if you are a blue.

This also applies to family and romantic relationships as well. In general, you will likely become a better communicator, more self-aware, and more confident in your skills.

How Long Does the Insights Discovery Assessment Take?

Tests such as the Insights Discovery assessment are made to be taken in a single sitting. The developers wanted the assessment to be simple and easy to take, especially because so many individuals have busy schedules.

In general, the test will probably take no more than 15 minutes. Most people finish in approximately 10-15 minutes, and the test consists of only 25 questions.

Can You Use Insights Discovery for Recruitment?

Yes, this assessment can also be used for recruitment purposes. Many companies give their potential future employees (or new hires) a personality test to get to know them before they start working.

This helps the team understand the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the environment they work best in. That way, they can optimize that person’s odds of success.

It can also help companies identify whether a candidate meets their needs for a position or how well they might work with their existing team.

What is Insights Discovery Similar To?

This assessment is similar to numerous other psychometric models, but every individual personality test is different.

The test is most similar to other personality tests based on Jung’s theories. One such test is the MBTI and the 16 Personalities Test. They also utilize a similar model of personality types (introverted vs. extroverted, sensing vs. intuitive, and thinking vs. feeling, plus judging vs. perceiving). They do not include color personality codes, though.

There are some similarities between other personality tests, like the DiSC test or CliftonStrengths, but their personality model most resembles the MBTI.

Is Insights Discovery Scientifically Validated?

In the psychological community, personality tests are hotly debated. Some believe they are a form of pseudoscience, while others think there is a significant scientific reason to take these tests.

The Insights Discovery test is based on thorough research from one of the world’s most famous psychologists, Carl Jung, and a mentee named Jolande Jacobi. Millions of people have taken the test and given it exceptionally positive reviews.

Numerous studies and reports have also shown the test to be effective as well as valid. The Learning Cog group concluded it was effective in evaluating personality (1), and Unify Partnerships’ research found the test accurately applied Jungian analysis, creating a very useful test (2).

How Much Does Discovery Insights Cost?

The Insights Discovery team has a unique pricing plan that is individualized to each client. Thus, the rates are different for everyone, but they keep your budget in mind when creating a payment plan.

Generally, the cost can be anywhere between $150 to $400, depending on which version of the assessment you buy and who the producer is.

The Pros and Cons of the Insights Discovery Test

Unfortunately, perfect tests that give 100% accurate insights do not exist. As with any assessment, the Insight Discovery test has both benefits and drawbacks to it.

Nonetheless, it is still a very useful test. The following are some Insights Discovery advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of when taking the test:


  • Detailed insights into your personality traits.
  • Easy to understand color categories.
  • Relatively simple test questions.
  • Can be completed within 15 minutes or less.
  • Covers both your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Based on research from renowned psychologists like Carl Jung.
  • Can help both your personal and career development.
  • Offers a great visual representation of your strengths and weaknesses.


  • The cost may be high, depending on the particular version you take.
  • Some people may be overwhelmed with the information.
  • The notes on weaknesses may decrease self-esteem.
  • Does not delve very deeply into values.
  • Some psychologists argue it is not very accurate.

How To Take the Insights Discovery Test

If you know you want to take the Insights Discovery assessment, the good news: there are a few options to do so.

The test creators developed several ways to take the test so you can choose what is most convenient for you. The following is an Insights Discovery test guide to help you choose which version is right for you:

Online vs. In-person

You can either take this assessment over the Internet or via an in-person assessment. Typically, people take the test online. There are numerous sites you can find to do it this way.

However, a few testing sites do offer an in-person assessment. The simplest way to find an in-person test is by looking at self-improvement workshops near you. They often offer tests like the Insights Discovery assessment in person.

The main benefit of the online assessment is convenience. It can be taken at any time, in the comfort of your own home. However, your home or workplace can also be distracting, or you may have test questions. In those circumstances, an in-person test is preferable.

Tips for Accurate Results

Your results do not solely depend on the test’s accuracy. The way you respond and think about the questions could influence your results significantly more than you may think.

This is why preparing for the test and taking it at a time and place where you are calm is so crucial. Make sure the room is quiet and you can stay focused when taking the test.

In addition, you should try to be as honest as possible when answering the questions, even if you might not like your response. Try not to second guess yourself or overthink. This ensures you get the most accurate results possible.

Real User Reviews

Millions of people have taken the Insights Discovery test. Many have praised the test, giving it five-star reviews and writing excellent reviews.

To best understand the test, consider reading some reviews from real-world users.

Positive Reviews

Insight Discovery test user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They note how the test helped them discover new aspects of their personality.

A majority of the test takers note how taking the test helped them become more productive and confident in the work. It helped thousands of individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses, thus helping boost self-awareness.

Many individuals note how they can boost their career progression and become better team players. Others also mention it is a great self-improvement tool and a fantastic way to evaluate new employees.

Negative Reviews

Some of the negative reviews mention that the test makes it seem like personality traits are stagnant and cannot change over time. This makes people feel trapped and locked into their personalities.

Another common problem people have with this assessment is the price. It is on the pricier end of the personality test spectrum. For some people, taking the test for such a high price is not worth it, especially when similar free tests are available.

Others may complain that the test is not scientifically backed, although this is highly debated amongst laymen and professional psychologists alike.


There are hundreds of personality assessments available on the market. One which is unfortunately often overlooked, the Insights Discovery test, is also one of the highest-rated tests out there.

By taking this test, you can become more self-aware, confident, productive, efficient, a better team player, an improved communicator, and so much more.

With just 15 minutes or less of your time, you can be on the path to greater career and personal success.