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The Strengthscope assessment may seem obscure when you first hear of it, but there are many benefits to taking the test. The test is often used by individuals looking to start a self-development journey or wanting to level-up their careers.

Doing so can be very tough, but the Strengthscope assessment helps simplify the process. Still, many people are skeptical of its benefits. They wonder how accurate it is.

And, since the test is not as popular as other assessments like the MBTI or Big Five, many people ask: why should I take the Strengthscope test over other tests? In this article, we will highlight why the Strengthscope test is unique and useful, as well as how the test works.

How Does the Strengthscope's Strengths Assessment Work?

There is a wide variety of different strengths assessments available on the internet. The Strengthscope test is one such test. It is subjective test, meaning for most of the questions, there is no right answer. You will be the one determining which answer seems most similar to your personality.

You will be given a series of questions relating to many aspects of your career, including what makes you productive, your goals, top skills, what motivates you, and so much more. The goal is to unlock what makes you the test employee you can be.

In total, the test will likely not last longer than 35 minutes. After you get the results, you can begin improving your strengths and implementing them into more aspects of your career.

Importance & Benefits of the Strengthscope Strengths Test?

The Strengthscope is an extremely important and useful assessment to individuals wishing to optimize their work performance. This is why it is most commonly administered by team leaders. It allows individuals to bolster their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

A plethora of benefits come along with this, such as greater communication skills, more team efficiency, and reaching goals more often.

If you are a team leader, knowing the strengths of your team members is absolutely crucial. It can give you an immense competitive advantage over other teams. If you are a member of the team, taking a test like Strengthscope can help take your performance to the next level.

A wide array of benefits come with taking the assessment, but here are just a few:

  • Becoming more calm and confident when addressing others, thus boosting networking abilities and connections within the industry.
  • Finding what best motivates you, and rediscovering your passion for the work you do.
  • Better understanding your communication style and utilizing this knowledge to have clearer communication with colleagues and bosses.
  • Creating goals that are more specific to your career and abilities, and feeling more inspired to achieve them.
  • Learn how to properly evaluate which risks are worth taking and which are not given your personality and abilities.

Who Should Take The Strengthscope Assessment?

The Strengthscope test is useful to a broad range of individuals. In general, if you are someone who wants to become more efficient in your work, has recently felt disengaged, started a new job and do not fit in yet, or is confused about what makes you succeed in work, this test is meant for you.

This test can be taken by anyone in any field. Whether you are a CEO looking to optimize your decision making strategy or a college student trying to find which work strategies to use in your internship position, knowing your strengths will help you be more productive and successful overall.

Even more often, tests such as the Strengthscope are given on a team wide level. This helps team leaders better understand what makes their team thrive and what needs more work. It helps them identify skill gaps to hire more effectively too. And, this helps with task delegation as it allows tasks to be aligned with each individual’s strengths.

How Long Does It Take To Finish Strengthscope's Strengths Assessment?

Many people have very busy schedules, and worry whether they can fit a strengths test into their lives. The reality is that these tests are usually much quicker than you would expect! The Strengthscope test, for example, takes 35 minutes to complete.

While this may seem like quite a bit of time, consider that it is less than the length of most TV show episodes, and the payout from taking the test is immense as well.

When taking the test, try to find a peaceful and quiet place to relax so that you are not distracted. This should boost the accuracy of your results.

Is The Strengthscope Strengths Tool Accurate and Reliable?

Another one of the most common concerns individuals have with the Strengthscope assessment is its accuracy. Strengths tests do not proclaim to give 100% accurate results, and neither does the Strengthscope test. However, that does not mean the test is not useful.

First, experts recognize that the test has validity in identifying strengths. The British Psychological Society, for instance, classified the test as a psychometric test. This means it met high standards for evaluation and accuracy to achieve the recognition.

Additionally, Strengthscope notes that tiger assessments have been taken by millions of people across the globe. They continuously review data to optimize their assessment. According to research done by the City University of London, the test is approximately 80% accurate.

And, those who take the test tend to get the same results after retaking it several months later, further proving consistency (1).

How Much Does the Strengthscope Test Cost?

A major concern for many individuals looking to take personality or strengths test is the price. There are numerous versions of the test available, but the individual assessment which is the most recently updated costs $175 plus tax.

This is for the 360 version of the test. There is another version, known as the Engage test, which has an individualized price. Additional coaching prices are also dependent on each individual case.

Is Strengthscope a Psychometric test?

A psychometric test are assessments that meet strict criteria for accuracy in identifying personality and strengths in the test takers. The Strengthscope test is considered to be a psychometric test. In fact, it was the first test to be recognized as such by the British Psychological Society.

It was not only recognized as a psychometric test by a leading psychological institution, but it even surpassed the standards set out by the BPS. It was consistently found to be accurate and reliable by numerous studies (1).

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Download a team strengths activity (PDF)
Download a team strengths activity (PDF)