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Both HIGH5 strengths test and Insights Discovery are assessments that helped millions of people be at their best. So what sets them apart?


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An insights discovery test can help you to understand yourself and others better.

It is an effective tool for improving workplace communication, collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Whether you want to grow as an individual or achieve team success, insights discovery can help you understand the people and processes that make up the workplace.

In this article, we’ll explain an insights discovery test, how it works, and how it can help you.

What is the Insights Discovery Assessment?

Insight Discovery is an online personality assessment created by the Insights Group, a global behavioral and cultural change leader.

It is is a powerful psychometric tool that provides excellent insight into an individual’s behavior and thinking.

It provides a personalized profile of your strengths, preferences, and behavioral approach to help you better understand yourself and how you interact with others.

Based on the psychology of Carl Jung, this tool uses a four-color model that helps individuals understand their unique energy and how it affects their relationships with others.

With its ability to provide self-awareness, Insights Discovery is suitable for all levels and is excellent for virtual delivery.

Participants can rediscover their true selves, uncover how past experiences have influenced their behavior, and better understand their personal effectiveness, productivity, and sales performance.

In particular, the tool is highly effective in improving collaboration and communication and overcoming challenges and conflicts in the workplace.

Whether you want to boost overall team productivity, create effective sales strategies, or engage in more fruitful partnerships, Insights Discovery is an invaluable tool for achieving your goals.

Importance and Benefits of the Insights Discovery Strengths Test

An Insights Discovery test helps individuals and teams gain valuable insights into their behavior and thinking patterns.

When individuals understand themselves at a deeper level, they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace.

Here are the key benefits of the Insights Discovery test:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased team and organizational alignment
  • Increased collaboration, creativity, and productivity
  • Improved problem-solving skills and conflict-resolution strategies
  • A deeper understanding of relationships with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.

The Insights Discovery test is an invaluable tool for organizations and individuals alike.

Who Should Take The Insights Discovery Personality Test?

The Insights Discovery test suits all workforce levels, from CEOs to entry-level employees.

It is particularly beneficial for teams that want to improve their working relationships and collaboration and those that wish to understand their strengths and weaknesses better to maximize their effectiveness.

Organizations can also use this tool to develop more effective strategies and identify areas to focus on improvement.

Whether you’re looking to boost team morale or take your business success one step further, an Insights Discovery test can help you understand yourself and others to achieve maximum potential.

How Long Does It Take to Finish the Insights Discovery Test?

The insights discovery test is a quick and easy 25-question assessment.

With a completion time of just 10-15 minutes, it’s a convenient way to understand yourself and others better. Plus, it’s accessible through the web so that you can take it from your home.

Is The Insights Discovery Assessment Reliable and Accurate?

The accuracy of the Insights Discovery test is quite high as it’s based on extensive research and analysis of the psychology of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

A team of experts has developed the tool and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability and validity.

The Insights Discovery model uses a four-color system to identify an individual’s unique behavioral preferences. These colors represent four personality types: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue.

The tool can provide accurate and insightful feedback on their personality and communication style by assessing an individual’s responses to a series of questions.

The Insights Discovery test has an accuracy rate of over 80%, a testament to its effectiveness as a tool for self-discovery and personal development.

Millions of people worldwide have used the device and have consistently received positive feedback for its accuracy and ease of use.

Moreover, the test can be customized for specific industries or organizations to ensure it aligns with the particular needs and goals of the organization.

This customization ensures that the feedback provided is relevant and actionable, leading to improved performance in the workplace.

What is the Insights Discovery profile?

Insights Discovery’s unique four-colour system creates a detailed behavioral profile that can be used to identify individual strengths, potential blind spots, and communication preferences.

Your insights are presented as an easy-to-understand visual chart called an ‘Energy Profile’ showing where you are most and least energized.

What Are my Insight Colors?

Your Insight Colors will depend on your answers to the Insight Discovery Test. Each of the four sections (Self-awareness, Problem Solving, Flexibility & Adaptability, and Relationships) is linked to a particular color – green, red, blue, or yellow.

Your profile will show which colors are dominant in each section and how much energy you have for it.

This helps identify your strengths and gives an overall picture of your interactions with others. The report also includes personalized advice and suggestions on maximizing your potential based on your results.

Final Word

If you want to learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, and communication preferences, the Insight Discovery Test is a great way to get started.

Taking the test will give you an in-depth understanding of yourself and how you interact with others, helping you to make better decisions and create meaningful connections.

The insights gained from this test can help improve relationships in all aspects of life, from work to family and intimate relationships. With greater self-awareness comes a greater understanding of what motivates us to take steps toward our goals.

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Download a team strengths activity (PDF)
Download a team strengths activity (PDF)